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We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes by enhancing outdoor living spaces. We create beautiful and safe yard designs by combining seasonal clean up, trimming, a full menu of tree services, soft landscaping, stump grinding, and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project. As a caveat however, we do not mow lawns.  

Bo's has been servicing the DMV area for over forty years and is very familiar with neighborhood development and attendant growth which provides us with unique insight regarding treatments. 




We Care About the Details


Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood. We use traditional trimming and tree removal techniques, i.e. climbing rather than using heavy equipment, in order to reduce property damage. We strictly adhere to proscribed Department of Natural Resources guidelines for trimming and tree removal therefore we refrain from "topping" or leaving trees irregularly shaped with  uneven crowns. 

We possess an excellent ability to perform yard triage for those heavily overgrown areas, laying sod, mulching, removing outdated overgrown shrubbery and beautifying with new plantings. 

We are not licensed to perform hardscape but do have reliable, experienced referrals. 

We strive to leave a site in better condition than when we arrived by focusing on post-service clean up which is our speciality. We love clean up!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service with which we and you are proud.  We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals and the needs of the project. We do this to guarantee  the project is completed according to your preferences. 

Rain, shine or snow, no problem! 

For emergency clean ups, we make every effort to maintain the original integrity and beauty of a client's property. Therefore, if we determine any post storm cleaning will present a compromise, service may be slightly delayed until conditions prove more suitable. 

If for any reason, you are not completely happy with the level of work performed, please contact us and we will happily coordinate an effort to bring ultimate satisfaction. 

We are beautifying America and the DMV area one yard at a time!

Client Testimonials


 I'm really happy I called Bo's.  Due to the recent storms in DC, an  extra large tree (at least 5 feet in diameter) fell in the back yard of  our rowhouse (luckily it fell south into my neighbors' yards and didn't  hit any buildings or people).  All that was left on my property was the  stump, which was about 5 feet tall.  

I called Bo's for two  quotes: one for just cutting the tree close to the ground, and one for  grinding the stump to below grade.  Mike called me when he was on site  and gave me a reasonable quote for just cutting, and explained that they  couldn't grind because the (newly built) fence was too close to the  stump, but it could possibly be done if we moved some bricks.  He also  gave me some advice about not grinding the stump because the stump may  deteriorate on its own now that it's dead.  He could have easily tried  to persuade me to grind to give him the extra business, but he didn't.  

Mike said he could do the trimming that day, I gave him the go-ahead, and he did a great job.  

Excellent communication, great prices, and solid work.  Highly recommended!   

 Michael Tenly with Bo's Landscape and Stump Removal has just done an  EXCELLENT JOB on my rental property. After a very windy storm, a tree in  the front yard fell down. I also had a very large stump that needed  removal and a tree in the backyard needed trimming badly. I searched a  little and called around to a few places, but Bo's Landscaping was the  first to respond (ON A WEEKEND!) and went out to the property the  following day to evaluate and give me an estimate which was within my  budget and very AFFORDABLE!  The tree that had fallen was removed that  Monday morning and the tree trimming was done within the week. I met  Michael at the property the following Saturday after he completed that  large stump removal. He showed me what work was done, explained why and  also how to care for the areas in the spring. I was very impressed with  the knowledge, professionalism and urgency that Bo's Landscaping  exhibited. I would recommend them to family and friends. Thank you,  again, Michael for such great work!!  

 Quick response, excellent service, fast and dependable!!!!  Bo's  Landscaping Stump removal is the company you want!!!!!! When we moved  from Frederick to Texas  we rented our home to others. After being gone  18 months HOA sent a letter requesting work to be done, Mike Tenley  returned my call within 3 hrs and gave same day estimate! Great prices,  great work!!!! Sent us before and after pictures, completely covered  home owners requests less than 24 hrs to accommodate us before  deadlines.  Mike Tenley is very professional, honest, prompt and  dependable.  Highly, highly  recommended. He will be the first person I  call for future yard work! 


2019 -- Fall Update

We at Bo's Landscaping and Stump Removal have been very busy this past Spring, Summer and now Fall! 

Fall is quickly arriving per the calendar but with the lingering high temps and dry weather Fall foliage color change and leaf drop is being delayed. Indian summer is delightful but shorter days seem out of sync with the weather. Halloween decorations and pumpkins abound which seems odd with 80 degree weather and even Mom Nature seems confused. Seasonal cycles are certainly changing as our sun heads closer to the sun on its elliptical  path around that life providing orb. Global warming is occurring as it's supposed to on an upswing from the final close of the prior ice age and age in general. But thankfully these changes occur slowly and we along with nature are adaptable. 

We are seeing a tremendous die off of certain tree species from insect invasions and other unknown sources but this is Nature's way of ridding us of the old to make way for new species better suited to the new temps and season cycles. It really is awesome to live in such a time of tremendous change and is a reminder that we humans are not in charge after all and in fact are quite small in the grand scheme of things.

If you have unhealthy trees or broken limbs we are readily available to provide free estimates to provide guidance on re-establishing overall health by trimming limbs, cleaning out tree crown interiors, cabling limbs etc. Since everything has a natural lifespan from which trees are not immune, perhaps your tree has past its prime and is dyeing thereby creating storm damage danger.  We gladly provide free estimates for their removal and/or stump grinding. 

Fall clean up of old mulch, leaves, weeding, trimming, edging, and replacing mulch for winter is another speciality of ours. 


Due to the addition of new equipment, we now have free wood chips available for delivery. We highly recommend using wood chips rather than mulch for your landscaping areas especially around trees. Too many trees are strangled to death by the mis-application or use of mulch.  The common practice is to heap the shredded mulch up around the trunk of a tree for aesthetic reasons, however this literally is a death knell for trees. Mulch holds moisture and tree roots want the easiest source of water. Therefore the roots begin wrapping themselves around the trunk of the tree strangling the tree in the same manner a pair of hands strangles the carotid artery. A tree's growth area is directly under the bark therefore any compromise to this area severely hampers longevity. If you do choose to mulch, leave a well at least 6" from the tree trunk. A better solution is to use wood chips as this provides drainage while being aesthetically pleasing. Wood chips are also less susceptible to mushroom growth for the same water drainage reasons. 

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